YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies

YouTube can add info from Wikipedia to videos concerning fashionable conspiracy theories to produce different viewpoints on arguable subjects, its chief executive officer aforementioned these days. YouTube chief executive officer Susan Wojcicki aforementioned that these text boxes, that the corporate is asking “information cues,” would begin showing on conspiracy-related videos inside subsequent few weeks.

Wojcicki, World Health Organization spoke Tuesday evening at a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive competition in state capital, showed samples of info cues for videos concerning the moon landing and chemtrails. “When there area unit videos that area unit centered around one thing that’s a conspiracy — and we’re employing a list of well-known web conspiracies from Wikipedia — then we are going to show a companion unit {of info|of data|of knowledge} from Wikipedia showing that here is information concerning the event,” Wojcicki aforementioned.

The move comes once a year within which YouTube has been pilloried for hosting extremist content and driving additional attention thereto through algorithmic recommendations that critics say area unit designed to push viewers to extremes.

The information cues that Wojcicki incontestable appeared directly below the video as a brief block of text, with a link to Wikipedia for additional info. Wikipedia — a crowdsourced reference work written by volunteers — is Associate in Nursing imperfect supply of knowledge, one that most faculty students area unit still tabu from citing in their papers. however it typically provides a additional neutral, empirical approach to understanding conspiracies than the additional publicist videos that seem on YouTube.

Wojcicki failed to specify what number conspiracies were on the company’s initial list, however instructed it’d expand over time. “What i favor concerning this unit is that it’s really pretty protractile,” she said. the corporate might show extra alternate sources of knowledge below arguable components within the future, she said.

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