Tesla’s latest prediction for Model Y’s arrival is 2020

Tesla has for the most part unbroken its forthcoming Model Y shrouded in mystery. we all know it is a crossover eV, and that we are aware of it may not have mirrors, and that is regarding it. however CEO Elon Musk has currently unconcealed that the corporate aims to bring the new vehicle to production in 2020, adding in its telephone call that doing therefore can spark a “manufacturing revolution”. though he did not expand on what that revolution can seem like.

Obviously Tesla is keen to induce the plug machine going as shortly as doable, however it’s price taking this timeline with a pinch a salt. It had originally aimed for a 2019 unleash date, then pushed it back to 2020 attributable to plans for a wholly new production platform. Musk then ditched that concept in a very bid to bring the automobile to plug sooner, and however here we tend to are: the first production platform and a later launch date.

To be fair, it appears Tesla has learned from its mistakes with the Model three. Production has been a inferior nightmare for the corporate since the beginning, however despite a quick producing pause last month, the corporate currently says it will shortly get on track to deliver five,000 per week. So, keen to avoid identical hiccups with the Model Y, it’s clear Tesla is taking a cautious approach to each side of its arrival.

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