Lil Tay’s Instagram account posts disturbing abuse allegations

Lil Tay’s Instagram account posts disturbing abuse allegations

October 22, 2018 0 By Nazmul Khan

Lil Tay, the preteen viral star known for her foul-mouthed “flexer” antics, has been absent from social media for months. Her accounts went dark in June; in July, a message that simply said “help me” was quietly uploaded to her Instagram story with no further explanation.

The young influencer briefly appeared to make a comeback with a new docuseries called Life with Lil Tay, but her accounts have remained quiet — until this past weekend when an unknown user uploaded several disturbing allegations of abuse and mistreatment to Tay’s 2.5 million followers.

A person identifying themselves only as “someone who previously worked with Tay” who claims to “have seen everything unfold since the beginning” began posting photos and documents detailing Tay’s relationship with Christopher John Hope. Through a series of disturbing posts, the account claims that a court ordered that Tay be placed in her father’s residence by 4PM on June 3rd. It alleges that Hope “often slept with different women with Tay in same bed” or “was naked around Tay” quite often. Other allegations claim that Hope did not pay Tay’s mother child support.

The posts also allege that the sister of Hope’s new partner “would scream at Tay and forcefully lock her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason, all with the knowledge and permission” of Hope.

“He banned her off of social media because he was afraid she would expose the TRUTH to the world, the truth of what he has done and hasn’t been punished for,” the account says.

Circumstances around Lil Tay’s so-called persona and life have long been upsetting. The child star is known for swearing, dropping slurs, and beefing with viral stars like “cash me outside” girl Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli. YouTube channels like Drama Alert have claimed that her behavior is scripted and even directed by her teenager brother.

As of publish time, the last post from the account is a video in which a doctored voice alleges that Hope, upset about the social media posts, will soon have Tay placed in foster care and have the account shut down. The Verge has reached out to Hope for comment.

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