iPad Pro: hands-on with Apple’s new all-screen tablet

iPad Pro: hands-on with Apple’s new all-screen tablet

October 30, 2018 0 By Nazmul Khan

Apple announced a new, completely redesigned iPad Pro moments ago in New York, and I just got to spend a few minutes trying it out. The iPad Pro no longer has a home button; it’s all Face ID from here on out. The transition to Face ID allowed Apple to make the iPad’s side bezels slimmer than ever before, and the result might be the truest embodiment of a “tablet” yet. This thing is just a giant, beautiful screen. The 11-inch display is housed in a device similar to the size of the previous 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the 12.9-inch model is physically smaller than its predecessor. The rounded edges of the last few iPads have switched over to flat edges reminiscent of the very original (or the iPhone 4 through 5S).

The overall feel of the thing is way more squared off than I was expecting — it feels much denser and pro than before. The LTE version has large antenna lines on the back, you’ll definitely notice them.

The headphone jack is gone. For what reason? We’ll have to ask Apple. And USB-C takes the place of Lightning. Note that this isn’t Thunderbolt 3, it’s USB 3.1 gen 2, supporting up to 10 gigabit transfer speeds. I watched the iPad Pro drive a 5K display out of DJay Pro — it can now support an extended display, while previous iPads just mirrored. That’s up to individual apps to support though. I also saw it connect to a variety of accessories, but we’ve confirmed that it will not support external storage over USB-C.

The new iPad Pro starts at $799 (64GB) for the 11-inch and $999 for the 12.9. If you spec it out with 1TB and LTE, the 12.9-inch model runs all the way up to $1,899.

Developing. Check out our October Apple event live blog for the latest updates!

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