Google Maps is testing directions based on the nearest fast-food spot

You will decision it somebody’s bit otherwise you can decision it confusing — either means, Google Maps has started victimisation businesses as reference points for directions.

Drivers victimisation the app have started noticing that rather than being given a street name to show onto or a direction to move in, they are being educated to appear for a business or building.

As Grubstreet and CNET denote earlier in the week, it’s happening principally with eating house locations.

In the past month, many of us have denote concerning experiencing this new feature, which frequently comes off as a commercial thanks to the quantity of fast-food businesses mentioned.

Google would not make sure the new map feature, but, possibly, the corporate is experimenting with rising navigation. It’s most likely testing landmarks as guides for its directions rather than victimisation a lot of formal steering descriptions.

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