Dril has published a book

Dril has published a book

August 23, 2018 0 By Nazmul Khan

Dril, the Master Poster, has written a book. It is a 420-page tome that is available now from Amazon, titled Dril Official “Mr. Ten Years” Anniversary Collection.

Before joining Twitter in 2008, @dril — revealed a few years ago to be a guy named Paul, though no one cares who he is because we still need good things online — originated as a regular contributor to Something Awful’s influential FYAD (that’s “fuck you and die”) board. When he and others from the Something Awful community migrated to Twitter, they brought their forum’s sensibility with them, eventually evolving into the wider constellation of surrealist shitposters known as Weird Twitter. It’s dadaism at the speed and scale of the internet, and without question, Dril has been and continues to be its king.

As many have observed elsewhere, Dril’s idiosyncratic posting style has become part of the architecture of the internet; like any classic movie quote, his tweets have become part of the way we talk online now.

As Dril noted on his website, Mr. Ten Years will include “over 1500 ‘Cream of the Crop’ tweets, hand picked by The Boss, sorted categorically and accompanied by over 70 stunning Illustrations.” It is, he says, “a Must Have for all admirers of Prestige Content.”

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