A Bitcoin podcaster brilliantly trolled his own hacker

Aaron Lammer, co-host of the Longform journalism podcast and cryptocurrency show Coin speak, didn’t even notice initially once his web site was hacked. Instead, an admirer tipped him off that aaronlammer.com had been replaced by a notice that scan “Ooops, your web site has been encrypted!” and a reckoning clock, indicating that the location would be deleted unless a ransom of zero.025 Bitcoin, or regarding $230 at the time of writing, was paid to the hacker.

Instead of paying, Lammer clicked on a link that aforesaid “Contact U.S..” It junction rectifier to a Facebook page underneath the name Barberousse prophet. Lammer sent prophet a message. “Hi,” he said. “I don’t have any Bitcoin. does one settle for Ripple?” And so began associate degree epic angling as Lammer cycled through ideologic talking points from all the aspects of the cryptocurrency world whereas his hacker got a lot of and a lot of browned off. prophet didn’t answer a The Verge’s request for comment.

Ransomware attacks peaked in 2016 and 2017 with attacks like WannaCry targeting uncountable machines and demanding cryptocurrency payment. per a report from the cybersecurity firm SonicWall, these varieties of attacks are on the decline in 2018 (though a lot of distinctive ransomware strains square measure emerging), and therefore the maneuver remains popular hackers.

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Cybercriminals have benefited from the proliferation of cryptocurrency as a semi-anonymous thanks to send money. “Cryptojacking,” within which hackers seize management of a user’s machine while not their data and use the process power to mine cryptocurrencies, has multiplied twenty seven p.c from the half-moon of 2017 to the primary quarter of 2018, per the safety code firm Malware Bytes, that releases a quarterly crime report. Meanwhile, hackers square measure still targeting individual public-facing Bitcoin users like cryptocurrency YouTubers.

“From driveby mining attacks via browser to scams meant to empty users’ cryptowallets, cybercriminals square measure taking each chance to use the rising worth and recognition of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies,” the Malware Bytes report says.

Luckily for Lammer, he didn’t extremely care regarding this specific web site, that is simply one page with links to his comes. therefore he used the chance to troll.

At one purpose prophet says, “Dude i’m simply hacker i’m not realy into bitcoin [sic]” to that Lammer responds, “You’re not into Bitcoin? Cmon bro. Why not? i used to be therefore excited after I saw that you just hacked ME as a result of I don’t have that several individuals I will check with regarding decentralization.”

Lammer conjointly determined to faucet into the foremost bitter of cryptocurrency feuds, the continued Bitcoin versus Bitcoin money discussion. He pretends to own sent prophet Bitcoin, then gripes that it hasn’t arrived however as a result of Bitcoin isn’t as quick as or low cost as Bitcoin money which it “probably hasn’t hit however as a result of fees square measure trash.” once the hacker responds, “sir simply build the payment the fees don’t matter,” Lammer puts on his best impression of a Bitcoin money zealot. “Fees dont MATTER American state my god [sic],” he says.

“I simply thought it might be funny if I may get him into a ‘who’s on first’ scenario wherever I unbroken demand BCash WAS Bitcoin and so eventually blame dealing times for the delay in his payment,” Lammer told ME over Twitter DM.

Lammer rescued his web site by contacting his domain host, that detected that the location had been hacked through a WordPress exploit on associate degree unused domain connected to the account. The fix happened quickly enough that Lammer was still chatting with prophet once he regained management of the account. “Towards the tip of the chat, Dreamhost had truly already gotten the domain back and he didn’t appear to own detected, therefore i used to be fiddling with house cash,” Lammer aforesaid.

Mohammed finally took the bait once Lammer asked, “Whats your favorite anime series ever?” “I like hunter x hunter,” prophet says. “No[w] square measure you gonna ke[ep] wasting my time?”

Lammer denote the total speech along with his hacker on Twitter and Medium. the majority were pleased, though atiny low variety suspect Lammer of faking the speech. Some comments devolved into constant ideologic arguments that Lammer was parodying. “Mostly individuals square measure like ‘that sucks, however that was funny’ and so if you go enough in threads, there square measure individuals like ‘buuuuuut wait BCASH is healthier tho’,’” Lammer aforesaid.

Research suggests that Lammer was right to not pay his hacker. In 2017, solely 1/2 the misused organizations that paid the ransom truly got their knowledge back, per the cybersecurity analysis and selling firm CyberEdge cluster.

Even if he paid, Lammer says, he wasn’t positive he’d ever get his website back. “I thought he would possibly simply provoke a lot of,” Lammer aforesaid. “Plus, i actually like reproof scammers and if I had paid him he woulda most likely instantly disappeared.

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